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Your Venice is more than 95% chance of coldbugged groovey, sorry mate.

As for your comment, i suggest you edit it since I havent cracked a Venice core ever.

Anyhow, i think there is a topic here somewhere....

Broke out Ice (H20) in the tube on this new Clawhammer.
Ambients were less than favourable at a sweaty 27C room temp.
Lowest BIOS temp i saw was 12C at 1.55V (didnt bother to look at lower vcore).
Once i elevated voltage i was idling in BIOS at around 25-28C (1.7-1.72V ish).

Got this rough validation (didnt try to REALLY push) before i got bored and gave up.
vcore was reading 1.73 in mbm or so (1.450 + 123%).
623-2BTA BIOS.


Now im using it on water...
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