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Re: E6600 L709A958 @567+ FSB + Asus Commando

Thanks youngpro... high FSB really does help for E6600

Right now doing 32M run @4560Mhz Run @4535Mhz 9x504FSB 1:1 was done in 11m 10s Will see if i can do 8x570FSB run later

Well 4560Mhz at 1.816v rebooted half way into Super Pi 32M - was on track for a sub 11m 08s range time But managed to pull of some nice clocks and times considering they're all done at 1:1 cpu/memory divider. Had to for first time try using /numproc=1 to get that extra bit of mhz out of the E6600 L709A958

Ended up with this

@4560Mhz at 1.816v (1.775v in bios)

@4535Mhz at 1.816v (1.775v in bios)

@4500Mhz at 1.816v (1.775v in bios) - compared to E6600 B1 ES 9x500FSB 32M time of 11m 35.922s.

@4475Mhz at 1.816v (1.775v in bios)

Now to see if I can pull it off at 8x567FSB

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