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By Sam OCX View Post
This could be due to the fact that back in the day we thought that all ICs with no clear markings were PSC
Seriously, PSC from XD_, XE_ and XF_ series usually crap out at ~1000MHz tRCD9 (be it 6-9-6 or 8-9-8), few ones make it past 1030, best ones I ever saw were ~1050. I strongly doubt G.SKill could have binned enough of those to sell as "guaranteed 1066 tRCD9" when they had a more obvious substitute (BBSE) available.
Since the comparable Perfect Storm kit is already listed as BBSE, I think the Trident kit should be changed as well, your reasoning makes sense and I can't find a pic of it with real PSC chips, only OEM stuff.

You just have to wait for Ron to make the changes!
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