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By Bobbylite View Post
PS I had read that the 1333 cas 9 dominators ver 2.1 are hyper,
this is not true, I have pulled spreader and some is bdbg and some is babg (4 sticks out of 16 where hyper) but all are marked 2.1
So far there was only one report of them being Hypers ( post #95 ), at those specs I'd have expected different chips on them though. What did you achieve with your kits? Did you post results somewhere?

By Sam OCX View Post
1. When you put some memory on "Powerchip" - please describe what sort of Powerchip does it actually use ... because you can't compare the "good" stuff like XD_ or XE_ to newer TH_ or TG_. From my personal findings, second letter defines some sort of revision (D->E->F->G->H->J) and modules within same revision (for example, XDE,XDT,XDY) overclock the same way, give or take the typical fluctiation.
Check the posts I made in this thread, I've always written down the entire name of the chip.

2. Corsair Dominator GT 1600 7-7-7:
2.1A = Hypers, 2.1 = Elpida BASE-DJ-F (crappy clockers), 2.2 = Elpida BBSE

3. You put F3-16000CL8T-6GBPS (3x2GB) on BBSE. It's very hard for BBSE to do 1000 tRCD8 so I think they are all Hypers ... unless you prove me wrong with a valid example.
You're right, I remember someone say he had a kit with BBSE on them, however I can't find a pic now, only one with MGH-E ICs. I might be confusing it with the CL9 kit.... Maybe it's better to change the kit to MGH-E/MNH-E only.

4. You put F3-17066CL9D-4GBTDS (2x2GB) on Powerchip. Again, no way PSC will do 1066 tRCD9 so they are most likely BBSE-DJ-F.
I have a pic of them ( in fact PS 2133 9-9-9 kit ) with remarked ICs and I thought they were all remarked PSC ICs. They might be Elpida chips after all, but the pic is not clear enough to use your method of identifying the chip.
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