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By Frenchlick View Post
Need to improve your efficiency eh, cpu score pretty low for clocks. Would love to see what ya get with one of ya 480s and cpu at that too.

p.s I reckon while I'm in a current recession and have no pc you should send me over your spare.
Yeah, I know it's a bit low, still working on it, the 4 way classie is a bit different to my 3 way and I've only had 2 sessions on it so far.

Be easier if you come here, and then bench all you like lol

BTW, I got 3 GTX480's now, and I'll bench them as soon as I can. Just waiting for Dinos22 to get back home so I can grab one of his Antec1200 PSU's, coz I need 2 PSU's to run the 480's.
The 3 5870's and 980x all OCed to max only use 910w peak, so one PSU (OP1000) is fine for them, but the 480's use 880w peak with vantage and my i7 950 @ 4GHz and 480's at only 800/1000. Stupid nvidia power wh0res hehe.

By Uncle Fester View Post
Your losing efficiancy cos your using win 7 for 06 thats a vista bench for tri crossfire/sli but xp if your using single or dual cards, xp will give a huge boost to cpu score.
Thanks UF but again I knew that, it's just with time and being a bit lazy it's hard to fit it all in, but hopefully I'll get around to it.

2 card run. much lower than the 38k+ score Dinos22 and I got with the same cards, but the cpu (Dinos 980x) was at 5.64GHz on LN2 and W7 32bit lite.

The 2nd stage on the cascade needs a regas, it's only holding -74 head temp under load, so considering that, it's not to bad. Dinos22 will be back from NZ in a few days and he's keen as am I for another big LN2 day.
Also, the cards are running on stock air, all 3 do 1060/1300 without issue.

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