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Re: Q6600 'G0' SLACR L725A903 + Asus Blitz Extreme 0804

By cowie View Post
i see your hard at work getting that fsb up
pretty good
Thanks.. i think with more voltage and cooler cpu i could achieve 500FSB ... looks good for single stage phase though

By H[]R3NDUS View Post
good work Eva ...

you say you changed the comand rate 1x to 2x or wich ever way it was the commando you only seem to have 2x you cant change it...would commando change automaticly to 1x if in need or its always stuck on 2x

also does the 1x and 2x selection make faster times on benchmarks like the Amd64 boards once did

was that bootable into windows at that fsb or clockgend up ? My max bootable is 475 fsb then clockgend the few extra..
commando only has 2T selectable AFAIK.

For P35 chipset 1T helps but debate is going as to whether it's really 1T performance but more like 1.5T - in between 2T and 1T .. so 1T > 1.5T > 2T as the boost at 1T is only like less than 100MB/s bandwidth in memtest86+ .. but most noticeable is the reduction in everest/sandra memory latency not bandwidth at 1T on P35.

By dinos22 View Post
wow so lucky to get such high FSB

you reckon it would be prime stable too
Yeah very lucky not to get stuck now below 480FSB as I have seen on some Q6600 G0 SLACRs!

More tests to come
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