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my 4x7k80's @32

my raid is set at 64, is that where I should leave it?? how do I turn on that NCQ or whatever it is?? what does it do?? does it help?? anything else I should change?? I am pretty damn clueless about raid.. I am only doing this because of the wows everybody is giving for evas , must mean it's good right?? what can I do to get better numbers? Well ofcourse, I prefer more for real world results, what settings will give me that?? What is the cluster?? how do I change it and what setting should I use?? I mainly just want to load games faster is all. I hate entering the game with the majority of people and having to fight for vehicles. I want to be the first person loaded so I get whatever I want(yah I'm greedy). Thanks guys/gals


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