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Thanks eva, I seen your posts here and over at

I just ordered 4 of these for $216 shipped here in the US out of California. They are $55 shipped each but an additional $1 discount on each drive for ordering multiple items

I will be installing this on my Biostar N4SLI-A9, I ordered that cheap NF4 board too because my NF4-4x Gigabyte K8NF-9 only supports SATA-150, perfect timing too because I'm building a computer for a family member so they are getting my old MB/HD this will be combined with a 6800GS(thinking about getting another to utilize the SLI feature ), 2GB (2x1024) PQI Turbo PC3200 with heat spreaders, and an A64 3000+ Venice.. kinda nice knowing my cpu is going to be the only bottleneck. I may actually overclock it now if I can find good info on how to do it. I have the Zalman ALCU hs/fan on my CPU, Zalman copper hs with fan for my video card, and 6 80mm fans in my Chieftec Dragon case, the system definately has overclock potential, but I have never attempted it.. Only "thought" about it because since I have never overclocked before I am pretty scared. I will give my final thoughts on the 4x7k80 in raid 0 in a couple weeks when I get it all up and runnin thanks for the help with my decision on a HD upgrade when I wasn't even wanting to! I somehow ran into the thread over at ocforums and it shined a light telling me it was time to upgrade from my single WD 160gb sata-150.. damn you

sorry to revive this... I know I'm a little late

and so you know, reiability is not a problem.. anything important goes on my Linux box which is safe, and 320GB of storage is more than enough.. I would be fine if my total storage was 80GB... I burn everything to DVD's or just put it on my linux box with more than enough storage space

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