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By spoolindsm127 View Post
Haha true but that's what the credit card companies want you think

Man Eva2000 great results! Seems like you found your custom binned Triple Channel Super Talent 2200Mhz CL8 kit congrats

These results are now making me lean towards just keeping the Super Talent. Glad I saved the $50 these seem to be doing quite well.

PS Any comments on the serial #s on each individual module? Did the dual kits you buy have consecutive serial # modules? And the custom Triple channel you put together, what are the serial #s on those three? Just wondering if buying three with consecutive serials may mean they have similar binning and may behave similarly. I may be way off though..
no identifying serial numbers on the modules but usually when you buy sets together they should be close to each other if the manufacturer has good binning process.

By BeepBeep2 View Post
Dual Channel DDR3-2200 CAS 8 kit is now $180 on
much cheaper than when i got my kits from ewiz ebay store at US$200 a kit!
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