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Re: Salavating - Thermaltake 1200W Toughpower - King of Kings

Just an update:

The Tt Toughpower 1200W PSU is fine, have tested it with Asus P5W64 and P5B-D and it starts the system straight up as normal.

Took my Asus P5K-Premium out of the case (to make sure there wasn't a short issue going on while it was mounted in the case) and lay it on some spunge rubber matt and it still failed to post normally, had to do the 5 second hold down the power switch then release and press again immediately to boot it up. Even tried shorting the start pins on the mobo and still the same senario.

Conclusion; PSU is fine, P5K-P has some sort of wierd compatability issue going on with this particular PSU. Why?...phucked if I know...yay Asus

I'll just live with this Frankenstein start up procedure for the time being, can't see it causing any problems to hardware in the long term, no big inconvenience really.

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