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Re: Salavating - Thermaltake 1200W Toughpower - King of Kings

Yeah, sorry Wazzer, mobo cold boot/double post is slightly irrevelant though I thought it may have had some effect on the PUS.

Anyway. After playing some more with the Tt 1200W I have found that the on/off switch on the PSU doesn't have to be switched off for the unit to exhibit the same symptoms of starting for a split second then nothing. However I have figured out how to start it each time after the comp has been shut down.

Press the powerbutton and hold it in for 5 seconds (fans spin for a microsecond then stop) then imediately press it again and the system boots up everytime. Wouldn't have a clue why the unit behaves like this

But once it's running it deliveres as it does in all the reviews. Just have to decide if I can live with having to start it in this manner each time and if it will have any detrimental effects on sysstem components.

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