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Re: Salavating - Thermaltake 1200W Toughpower - King of Kings

By lowdog View Post
Only anoying thing is the cold boot up issue after power has been cut off from the unit via the on/off switch. Sometimes it will allow the mobo to do it's double pump bootup fine and other times I have to keep the power button pressed in for it to allow the system to do it's double bootup trip........thermal control in the unit???, oh well just leave the on/off switch on the unit in the on position and it's fine.
er, thats a completely DIFFERENT situation from what you initially said.
The link you gave described cold boot prob from CASE switch, not red on-off rocker switch on PSU.
When you shut off PSU, you cut off trickle voltage to mobo
Everything I posted is irrelevant to THAT situation..
FWIW, the CM ESBA and OCZ ProXStreem 1000W have no on-off switch.

but, hey, a win is a win.
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