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Round 2

920 D0 by Hiwa
EVGA X58 CLASSIFIED 760\bios 11/25/2009
6Gb CompuStockx DIABLO3 7-7-7-21 Elpida Hyper
Velociraptor 300Gb
XP32 SP3

Superpi1m 2000MHz 7-7-7-24-88-1t (VTT-1,325V-VDimm-1,640V)

Superpi32m 2000MHz 7-7-7-24-88-1t (VTT-1,325V-VDimm-1,640V)

Everest 2000MHz 7-7-7-24-58-1t

Superpi1m 2194MHz 7-8-7-24-88-1t (VTT-1,525V-VDimm-1,800V)

Superpi32m 2194MHz 7-8-7-24-88-1t (VTT-1,550V-VDimm-1,840V)

Superpi1m 2214MHz 7-9-7-24-88-1t (VTT-1,575V-VDimm-1,840V)

Superpi32m 2214MHz 7-9-7-24-88-1t (VTT-1,575V-VDimm-1,840V)

Superpi1m 2250MHz 7-9-7-24-88-1t (VTT-1,575V-VDimm-1,840V)

Superpi1m 2274MHz 7-9-7-24-88-2t (VTT-1,575V-VDimm-1,840V)


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