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By MaxXx View Post
@eva: How about the new Corsair Dominator GT's? They changed the product number as well. I had to RMA (for the 3rd time, my BloodRage seems to be a Hyper killer) and got confused since the the old TR3X6G2000C7 was no longer listed.
new Corsair Dominator GT CMG product numbers are rock solid from everyones reports not idea if they're Elpida MNH-E Hyper or MGH-E Hyper though

By Booj View Post
hmmm i'll be interested to see what I get back from Rma my Kingston set.

But If these new sticks are anything like the old ones then getting the heatspreaders off will be too much risk to see what IC's they use.

If they can do 950mhz+ 6-7-6 or 6-8-6 on 2:8 ram multi AND most importantly not die then i'll be chuffed.
Have you already submitted for RMA to Kingston/Simms yet ?
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