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Re: Corsair PC8888 Dominator Series DDR2

By eva2000
price wise, 2GB OCZ PC8000 Plat Extreme would be my choice especially with E6700
ok thanks eva i will get the 2GB OCZ PC8000 Plat Extreme,i am only looking to overclock the E6700 to about 3200mhz so that would have to do the job hopefully.

The main reason im trying to get all good parts this time is because my current pc with Pentium 4 3.2 northwood,asus p4c-800-e and 1 gig of geil ddr 500 ram im using,just doesn't want to overclock,like if i set it to 5% overclock its fairly stable but still freezes often,but if i try overclocking it to 10% windows wont even boot,so i am not sure if its my ram,motherboard or the cpu,anyway this time around i am going to get good quality parts that should give me a good overclock.
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