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scottath , good day bro. I have a stick of Crucial Ballistics DDR2-6400 (DDR2-800) 1GB the old double sided D9s laying around without any used for me since all my boards are DDR3 now. That stick will run above DDR2-1300 4-4-4-4 1T at 2.4v and DDR2- 1200 4-4-4-12 2T at only 2.2v. I asked for RMA of the same modules as 1 stick its completely dead out of 2 ,but I was told by crucial that they do not have or make the double sided D9s anymore only single sided ones. So if you RMA you will get the very bad single sided modules . But dont worry Angelo to the rescue , i will send you my Crucial memory stick double sided D9 DDR2-800 for free in a envelope for you to put it to good use , as its collecting dust in my desk and you really need it. For free you dont have to pay me nothing just PM me your address so that i can send that out today in a buble protected small envelope thru the postal service. I hope you receive it soon .

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