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did some more testing after i modded the vSPP

this was a new E8600 Q820A610

i ran between 1.67-1.75vSPP and have even tried up to 1.83v without much improvement

i "could" probably get 580 to stick but is as far as it goes

First shot is 570MHz FSB 1M SuperPi with 14K everest bandwidth....very very easy to get this bandwidth

Jumped to 575MHz FSB 8M SuperPi with 14.2K bandwidth

bumped to 580MHz FSB 1M SuperPi with 14.3K

rebooted and bumped the RAM to 1044MHz 8-7-6-20
14460 bandwidth at 580MHz FSB with 1M
latency improved tremendously which would make 32M SuperPi faster but it wasnt stable

i've done some 3DMARK01 again with single GTX280

card clocks 756/1625/1365
570MHz FSB (5.4GHz)
RAM running at 1044MHz but i forgot to tighten the subtimings

card clocks 771/1625/1365
570MHz FSB (5.4GHz)
RAM running at 1044MHz tighter subtimings

i'm exhausted lol
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