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View Single Post - ABIT AN8 Ultra (new nF4 mobo with 3.55vdimm) + Venice + UTT + TCCD
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Thanks, yeah there will be some issues initially but none of them are really that bad.....2T will give me 2% less real world performance but i will compensate for that with higher clocks 2T gives, I know that temps are incorrect so no brainer there....

All NB heatpipe motherboards are supposed to have 3.55vdimm as far as i know

By 1234
i considered this mb but the only review said it wasn't that good when compared to the dfi so i have held back until people like you iron out the issues b/c i don't have the time.

but, good results nonetheless. interesting to see how this mb pans out. do you know if the an8-sli comes with 3.55vdimm?
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