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Re: P5E -> Maximus Formula -> Rampage Formula

It says maximus formula under the p5e sticker in between the pcie slots on these boards. They just stripped some stuff of it to keep the cost down I believe.

And I'm only assuming all this clk skew stuff works, I recall reading some where eva2000 was saying some of the manufactures (DFI iirc) had it implemented on there X38 boards. Noticed a option to set PL also, looked like a sub menu of transaction booster.

Yeah I can see from Asus point it isn't a great move, mby they will implement something to future bios's to stop it?

Ment to be cooling down over the easter weekend, so I hope I'm in for some fun. All I need is some decant ram to play with.

You work for Atomic mag moloko? That would have to be pretty sweet..
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