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Cool Real Temp Released alternative to Coretemp for Intel Core processors

Looking for an alternative to Coretemp for reading temperatures ? Check out Real Temp

Real Temp 2.60

* Added a new Settings screen where all adjustments can be made in real time including TjMax.
* Temperatures of any core are now displayed in the System Tray area.
* 4 font options for the System Tray.
* Choice of Current, Minimum, Maximum or Average termperature displayed in the System Tray.
* Test Sensors feature improved to increase repeatability.
* CPU real time MHz calculation was re-worked for better SetFSB / ClockGen support.
* Calibration options now include one digit after the decimal point for finer adjustments.
* Experimental Gamer Mode introduced which allows core temperatures to be seen in some games.

Realtemp 2.4

Version 2.24 Update
March 20, 2008
-another quick tweak to help KTE get reliable readings when his Q6600 is over 118C
-added another option to the RealTemp.ini


v2.2 released

March 13, 2008:
-changed TjMax from 95C to 85C for all M0 processors based on an IR temp reading.
-added a RealTemp.ini file to the archive that looks like this:


The TjMax tag lets you set an offset if you don't agree with the TjMax that RealTemp has selected for your processor. The choices are -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3. Each choice provides 5C of adjustment, either positive or negative. If RealTemp says your TjMax=85C but you believe it is really 95C then you would use TjMax=2 in the .ini file to fix things up.

The IdleCalibration ranges from -2 to 2 and will be automatically saved when you close the program.

The LogFile can be set to either 0 or 1. LogFile=1 will turn the log file feature on and this too will be updated when you close the program.

v2.0 is out

By unclewebb View Post

Just got finished uploading version 2.0. I decided to go up a notch in version numbers which represents the major change in device driver. The program is now self contained in one folder and doesn't require the IA32 driver anymore so you can remove it from your system by going into the Device Manager.

I located a Visual C++ .NET 2003 version. Does anyone know if I will be able to compile MFC code using this and can it output x64 code? I'll be looking into that subject tomorrow.

The above link is the same as before so no need to update if you have linked to this file on other sites.

By unclewebb View Post
Here's a quick update.

Version 1.1

-fixed the Xeon 4300 bug as well as greatly improved processor recognition. If yours doesn't work, let me know and send me a CPUz screen shot as well.

-disabled early Pentium 4 support since it didn't work but left 65nm Pentium 4 support enabled. Someone will have to let me know if this works.

-added quicker temp update after a quick bench as well as a checksum feature.

-deleted my judgment of your DTS sensors (OK-Bad). Better documentation after a SensorTest so you can judge for yourself what is good or bad.

-trying the File Den now for hosting. Seems fast.

Things to do:

-add system tray support and maybe even x64 support!

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