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Gigabyte P35-DS3P + E4500 Adventure

Yeah, it really is Leca with one of his "I'm back threads"

After a little over a year of not owning a desktop system....I stepped into MSY last night and picked up a few things after work to play with.

It's been a busy few months thats for sure, moved all over the place with work and I've finally settled into a new job this week.

WHAT, NO WAY? It's true....I've been running a MacBook 1.8Ghz Core Duo, 2Gb 667MHz DDR2, 250GB sata, Intel gma 950 laptop for a while now hooked up to a very nice 24" panel. For pure software/application and development use it's been awesome. I needed a desktop, why? file server/something with a little bit more grunt then the laptop can do.

2Gb (1gbx2) Adata ddr2 800 5-5-5-18
Intel E4500 - 11x200 2.20GHz Stock / Stock Cooler
Gigabyte P35-DS3P
Gigabyte 8400GS 256MB (64bit mem *shudders*), You already know what to expect from this $48 wonder
Antec NSK4480B (EarthWatts 380w included)
2xWD360 Raptors - SATA150
Windows Vista Ultimate

Currently at work atm so I don't have any photos, results, or anything that you guys care about But I will and you will be the first to know.

I'm keen to get some testing done, and I'm looking forward to playing with one of the lowest spec CPU's from Intel on the market.

You all know I'd never leave i4,


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