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Re: super pi not exact round fix

Ta i downloaded sys tool

Thanks for that info Eva.
i just took memory back to 1:1 ratio 1000 Mhz plus what ever it ends up when i set fsb to 510 Mhz..i start of with a 500 Fsb bios boot.

tightend up ram timings and i was pulling quicker than 1200 Mhz times with other settings...but now i was getting reboot problems ..but still got my fastest Sp 1mb run of 11 seconds flat so i was happy..

i think im at a end next step lap the cpu tonight .,..think im pushing everything on knifes edge as 11 seconds was running at 4600 Mhz.

maybe time to put Formula into vapo box and sell off my commando with E6600 cpu Put $$ towards a DDR 3 setup..I think with my OC range with this cpu & a new mboard and ram will push me right up where i need my Q6600 on Hwbot benchmarks.
as im not far off the mark in superpi ,pifast scores.


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