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Re: DRAM is on the way down

By dinos22
but spot market stuff varies a lot so probably best to see changes in shops instead
DRAMExchange is a pretty good indicator, if you recall earlier this year it was quite accurate with the retail market when we had the price spike followed quickly by a downturn.

The only thing, being in AUS you have to factor in a 2 or so week delay for the changes to filter through (or when major disty stocks are replenished).

I think the Peryn & Phenom launch is also influencing the market, where manufacturers are really pushing for DDR3 to become more mainstream, especially as the release of more DDR3 capable chipsets & boards are being released. If so, it will be very much like how the Vista release effected the market in the first quater of '07, where prices were dropped in order to encourage greater consumer uptake of Vista (which had higher memory dependency).
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