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Re: X38 - Few Benches Start To Appear: P5E3

By moloko View Post
You guys are going to kick my arse for this, but I've had X38 boards for the past 2 weeks

The bad thing - absolutely no time to bench it... up until this weekend. This is a semi good thing though it'll be used for an up-coming competition and I'd prefer to not have a head start in knowing the BIOS, tweaks etc. I'd prefer a level playing field - Guys (Kayl, Dino, James), your boards should arrive some time between this Monday and Wednesday I would imagine (don't quote me directly on this, it's just a guess! ).

Either later today or tomorrow I'll be getting some time with it either on air or water. I'll post what I can here though this could be limited. By the way, it's a GA-X38-DQ6, hopefully should have the P5E Deluxe/P5E3 Deluxe some time this coming week or next.
Ooohh you've had the board for two weeks, but no time to bench

Wow you sure have some nice gear there Asus blitz extreme Water cooling, Team Xtreem ram and the list goes on

Can't wait to see some benches with these new babies. Also will the new pci-x 2.0 significantly improve the performance of the HD2900XT?

The packaging for the Gigabyte X-38 board looks elegant and simple. So lets just hope these boards perform as expected.
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