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Re: X38 - Few Benches Start To Appear: P5E3

You guys are going to kick my arse for this, but I've had X38 boards for the past 2 weeks

The bad thing - absolutely no time to bench it... up until this weekend. This is a semi good thing though it'll be used for an up-coming competition and I'd prefer to not have a head start in knowing the BIOS, tweaks etc. I'd prefer a level playing field - Guys (Kayl, Dino, James), your boards should arrive some time between this Monday and Wednesday I would imagine (don't quote me directly on this, it's just a guess! ).

Either later today or tomorrow I'll be getting some time with it either on air or water. I'll post what I can here though this could be limited. By the way, it's a GA-X38-DQ6, hopefully should have the P5E Deluxe/P5E3 Deluxe some time this coming week or next.

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