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Not a bad board

Maybe the title of this thread should be edited to include the Blood infinity???

Just messing around with the P35-T2RL Blood Infinity, and I have to say it's not a bad board so far

Negative points for me.

1. Feels a bit flimsy compared to the P35-T2R. Especially when inserting ram and the 24pin power connector. The right side of the board overhangs the mounting standoffs by about an inch or so.

2. Bios is a bit limited.

a. No save profiles option, so when the board does on occasion decide to reset to default, it means entering all your settings again.

b. There's no vdroop control, and from running some early tests I'm getting about -0.06 droop.

c. Vcore selection takes a bit of getting used to. It requires setting additional voltages, rather than entering a specific value.


1. Vdimm droop is about -0.02, and what you set is what you get (pretty much)

2. No squealing (Yet)

3. Seems to run pretty cool

4. Memory so far is running stable at cas 4. For instance my current run is 400x9 memory at 1000mhz 4-4-4-12 with EA and EDT set to FAST. No problems at all. A 1m PI run comes in at about 14.016secs. All good (Note: I'll run some blend tests to hopefully back this up)

5. Decent clearance between the graphics card slot and memory

I've only been running this board for a short time, but it's encouraging. With a vdroop control option or a mod, it would be very good indeed.

Right then. Here's a small FTT run. Only a quicky of about 18 minutes, as I'm an impatient sod.

You'll have to take my word for it, but the vcore actually sat at 1.34v for most of the run, fluctuating occasionally to 1.36v as per piccy.

Prime Small FTT run 400x9 3.6 Ghz Memory 1000mhz 4-4-4-12 EA Fast EDT Fast

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