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Re: Striker Extreme Experts give some advice?

I appreciate all the responses. Now I think I am a bit overwhealmed, perhaps over my head here. I have all the compontents but my Power Supply, should be here monday. The link to the template in the second post on this theard is what I should set my bios at initally for stock, no OC, just to see its running stable with the exception of the voltage dropped mentioned a couple posts down correct?

Here are my thoughts on what I need to do, this sound about right?

1. Load all components installed. start with 2 bg ram instead of 4. Start with 1 video card only (or remove SLI Bridge)
2. Update bios to 1303 (latest bios)
3. Use default bios settings as in the template.
4. Load Win Vista 64 bit
5. download windows vista 64 bit patch for more than 3 gb ram
6. load my other 2 sticks of Crucial ram(default mem settings should be 5-5-5-15 at 2.1 volt I think) Set all memory at 1066 mhz (PC 8500)
7. Load my other SLI card (or connect the bridge)
8. Run stable for a couple days, begin playing with OC (will be total learning here, as I have never done this.)
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