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Re: Striker Extreme Experts give some advice?

Changy I had Gskill PC6400 HZ running fine on the Striker before at 1600/800, it just doesn't seem to like Corsairs 6400C4 at all...

I wished mobo manufacturers went back to active cooling,for me all those heatsink combo's are just craptastic, use real copper in their heatsinks and Asus give us some temp readout for Christ's sake on the important components like NB, PWM's and co with your enthousiast boards...(luckily they did this on the Blitz)

Also with my OCZ I needed to set max 2.15 volts otherwise the rig became unstable even when I ran the ram at stock speeds, also the current P6400PK 4-4-3-5 run fine at auto voltage though become erratic at 2.1 volts...

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