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Re: DFI P35-T2R Overclocking etc..

RLM and Eva thanks for sharing the bios settings. I was able to get the board up and running yesterday. So for I like the board alot. I was able to fire it up and run 3DMark06 at 9X400 with the QX6850. The board is definately faster than my Striker.

I wasn't able to push it b/c of the heat. Once I am sure everythng is stable I going to install the waterblocks and have at it.

Is there any chance that either of you know of a chipset waterblock that will fit over the mosfet area on the DFI?

edit: It appears that the Vdroop function is working properly with the 0823 bios. "Disabled" is actually working. 1.29375 set in bios is reading 1.31 in Windows at idle AND load.

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