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Re: Q6600 'G0' SLACR L725A903 + Asus Blitz Extreme 0804

interesting to see the 6850.

your Q6600 is running on par with mine even around same vcore range for the overclocks you have posted...mine might be tad lower prolly only because im on the phase cooler...

benchmarking wise im limited to around 4280 Mhz maybe 4300mhz on some.
these cpu's are seeming better than the 1 my brotherinlaw got from gamedude its batch # was 1 week older than ours.

The price on that DDR3 OCZ was it worth the money ? or what you gain in Mhz you loose in cas latency's ? and benches same result in the end ?

I spoke about my brother inlaws 2 p5k-e motherboards he got last week on this thread somwhere....well one of the boards just crashes with stock settings with a q6600 G0.corsair memory...would he just be able to take the both back to the store ?
as they are pretty usless by the sounds of it and just giving him constant headaches.
i suggested to him to ask for upgrade to premium.

cheers Hori
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