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Re: DFI LANParty UT P35-T2R Preview photos & Bios Screenshost

E6750 @8x450FSB 1:1

Next stop is my sweet spot @3600Mhz. Again coretemp/SG temps are grossly underreported. I suspect by as much as 15C under reported ?



Bios Settings Used:
CPU Feature
- Thermal Management Control: Disabled
- PPM(EIST) Mode: Disabled
- Limit CPUID MaxVal: Disabled
- CIE Function: Disabled
- Execute Disable Bit: Disabled
- Virtualization Technology: Disabled
- Core Multi-Processing: Enabled

Exist Setup Shutdown: Mode 2
CLOCK VC0 divider: AUTO
CPU Clock Ratio Unlock: Enabled
CPU Clock Ratio: 8x
- Target CPU Clock: 3600Mhz
CPU Clock: 450FSB
Boot Up Clock: AUTO
DRAM Speed: 333MHZ/667MHZ
- Target DRAM Speed: DDR2-901Mhz
PCIE Clock: 100Mhz

Voltage Settings
CPU VID Control: 1.4625 (1.48v bios / SG 1.48v idle, 1.45v load)
CPU VID Special Add: AUTO
DRAM Voltage Control: 2.05v (2.01v bios /SG 1.98v idle/load)
SB 1.05V Voltage: 1.07v
SB Core/CPU PLL Voltage: 1.55v
NB Core Voltage: 1.33v
CPU VTT Voltage: 1.20v
Vcore Droop Control: Enabled
Clockgen Voltage Control: 3.45v
GTL+ Buffers Strength: Strong
Host Slew Rate: Weak
GTL REF Voltage Control: Disable
x CPU GTL1/3 REF Volt: 110
x CPU GTL 0/2 REF Volt: 110
x North Bridge GTL REF Volt: 110

DRAM Timing
- Enhance Data transmitting: AUTO
- Enhance Addressing: AUTO
- Channel 1 CLK fine delay: Current[13]
- Channel 2 CLK fine delay: Current[11]

CAS Latency Time (tCL): 4
RAS# to CAS# Delay (tRCD): 4
RAS# Precharge (tRP): 4
Precharge Delay (tRAS): 12
All Precharge to Act: AUTO (4)
REF to ACT Delay (tRFC): AUTO (42)
Performance Level: AUTO (7)
Read delay phase adjust: AUTO
Write to PRE Delay (tWR): AUTO (13)
Rank Write to Read (tWTR): AUTO (10)
ACT to ACT Delay (tRRD): AUTO (3)
Read to Write Delay (tRDWR): AUTO (8)
Ranks Write to Write (tWRWR): AUTO
Ranks Read to Read (tRDRD): AUTO
Ranks Write to Read (tWRRD): AUTO
Read CAS# Precharge (tRTP): AUTO (3)
ALL PRE to Refresh: AUTO (4)

PCIE Slot Config: 1X 1X
CPU Spread Spectrum: Disabled
PCIE Spread Spectrum: Disabled
SATA Spread Spectrum: Disabled

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