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Smile Asus Blitz Formula Bios Template

Asus Blitz Formula SE - 0903 Bios Template:

Extreme Tweaker
AI Overlocking: Manual
CPU Ratio Control: Manual
--- Ratio CMOS Setting: 8
FSB Strap to North Bridge: AUTO
FSB Frequency: 333
PCIE Frequency: 100
DRAM Frequency: DDR2-667
DRAM Command Rate: 2T
DRAM Timing Control: Manual
---CAS# Latency: 4
---RAS# to CAS# Delay: 4
---RAS# Precharge: 4
---RAS# Active Time: 12
---RAS# to RAS# Delay: 10
---Row Refesh Cycle Time: 42
---Write Recovery Time: 10
---Write to Read Delay: 10
---Read to Precharge Time: 10
DRAM Static Read Control: AUTO

Tramsaction Booster: AUTO/Enabled/Disabled
--- Boost Level:

CPU Spread Spectrum: Disabled
PCIE Spread Spectrum: Disabled

CPU Voltage: AUTO
CPU Voltage Reference: AUTO
Loadline Calibratiom: AUTO or Enabled
FSB Termination Voltage: AUTO
North Bridge Voltage: AUTO
North Bridge Reference: AUTO
DRAM Voltage: 2.10v
-DDRII Channel A Ref Voltage: AUTO
-DDRII Channel B Ref Voltage: AUTO
-DDRII Controller Ref Voltage: AUTO
South Bridge Voltage: AUTO
PLL Voltage: AUTO
NB LED Selection: NB Volt
SB LED Selection: PLL Volt
Frequency LED: Turn off
Voltiminder LED: Turn off

CPU Ratio Control: Manual
-- Ratio CMOS Setting:
C1E Support: Disabled
Max CPUID Value Limit: Disabled
Vanderpool Technology: Disabled
CPU TM Function: Disabled
Execute Disable Bit: Disabled
PECI: Disabled

USB Configuration
USB Functions: Enabled
Legacy USB Support: Disabled (need to enable it to detect USB flash drives)
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