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Re: QX6700 + Asus P5K Deluxe + DICE

well moloko that vapo on the nb looks good, but im my case it didnt do alot, i think it would make more impact on the 6*50 chips where the motherboard is limiting the fsb and not the chip itself... i think with all the 1067mhz chips your just as well off using water cooling on the northbridge as you are running a dice tube or phase change..

congrats on the 4.65 on the 6700, thats a good result!

i know what you mean about the quad eating dice at high temps, at one stage i looked away for a minute and then i saw 25 on the temp monitoring, i thought sh*t -25 is getting a bit high, when i relooked it was reading +25, in about 5 minutes it at all the dice in my tube!

were you running a volt modded p5k deluxe, i saw you mention you did up to 1.8v, i didnt go above 1.75 as it really was just wasnt improving oc..

feel free to message me about any ideas, always up to try something new..

yeah well mate hopefully when i get back from my holiday in about 3 weeks ill be benching ln2, ill start with a celeron or something to get the hang of it, then itll be qx6700 and 8800 (kayls cooking something up in terms of sli 8800 tubes)
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