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Re: QX6700 + Asus P5K Deluxe + DICE

Heheh, gotta love playing with DIce!

Nice work mate

Is there going to be a chapter 2?

I love the vapo on the NB, it looks ace

I've been playing with some dice for the past two weekends (10kg's first weekend, 20kg's the next). Some neat results (E6700 @ 4.65 w/ 1.62v) though I'll post more complete info in due time

I'm really surprised that you were able to hold such low temps with the quad on those voltages. I only got time to test 1 of the 2 quads I had this weekend and it just ate the DIce whilst running 1.7-1.8v on the P5K Premium. Quite literally the DIce was just sinking into the tube. Not quite as dramatically as that sounds but any one who has benched with DIce, imagine being able to visually see it sinking rather then the usual slow sublime to CO2.

youngpro, I may be in contact with you soon also mate, I'm cooking up an interesting benching concept

I didn't have a vapo for the nb, but I damn well tried with a metal shot glass and some dice! Too bad it failed like a fat kid trying to resist a donut.

Here's the dice pot at idle:

But hit load and it'd just go nuts (-44 to -36, higher at times):

Then packed again whilst under load:

Only to have it go and sublime so quickly:

Unfortunately I didn't have any acetone so instead I used methylated spirits. Much the same effect and here it is after finishing off the last bits of dice for the session:

It's a crap photo but I wasn't using too little or too much, in my opinion at least.

I assume you used some sort of alcohol also youngpro - what did you use and how much?

DIce is fun, hurry up Aus and get into it
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