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QX6700 + Asus P5K Deluxe + DICE

Evening all,

Today Cera and I finally got a chance to bench some DICE with my qx6700, I've been waiting for this for ages. Unfortunatly my commando is still out of action, so ill be benching on the p5k deluxe. This is good and bad, not as good voltage options, but the p5k allows might higher fsb for the qx6700 and this can mean better PI times.

Bench Setup:
QX6700 L644F040
ASUS P5K Deluxe + vcore mod
Cellshock PC8000 C4
evga FX5500
Kayl Dice/LN2 tube
Vapochill LS (stock) on Northbridge
Thermaltake Extreme Spirit II on Southbridge
Thermalright HR-09U on Mosfets
OCZ Gamexstream 700W

Temps were good from the start, bottom of the dice tube was reading -66 and preety much stayed there all day, when volts got as high as 1.75 it lowered slightly to -64 and under some wprime runs it went down to -58.

The board handled great, didn't really hit any fsb walls throughout, held the volts well without hardly any droop.

I like to cut to the chase so here are some results and pictures

Max clocks on DICE were 4768MHZ. This was done with vmch 1.7, vcore 1.7, vsb 1.2, vfsb 1.6. Temps were still about -64 at the bottom of the dice tube. Unfortunatly I've got one of those broken temp sensors that never show below 9 degrees in any monitoring application.

I was also quite happy to get a 10.671s PI time, this was done at, 4740mhz, 474 * 10, memory at a 4:5 divider at 592.5mhz running 4-4-4-8, subtimings 20-6-10-10-3-7-4. A few services shut down, pi running in real time, system cache optimization, I obviously didn't do enough because my efficiency is only 50580

I've got some more results to post shortly, an excellent wprime run and a quite exception 6400 3DMark06 CPU score, I'm not sure how I snagged that one. Most of my max scores about 4550mhz were 5369, after some memory timing optimization one of my CPU runs scored the mid 6400 score, but when I get some air cooling back on that box I'll retrieve and post that photo.

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