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Re: E6750 'G0' 8x333FSB + Asus P5K Deluxe

By peteypete271 View Post
why?? (the Quad G0 revision benchies are what I wanna see!)
Quad core G0 are hard to find if you try buying ES samples i.e. QX6850 G0 = US$1,500+ right now... As to official channels i was told by a few folks who are testing Intel ES cpus you won't see Q6600 G0 this year in retail.. there's samples being sent out but majority of retail Q6600 will be B3 like current. For quad core G0 might need to wait for QX6850s heh

By moloko View Post
My dear god... I've been busy working (fkn deadlines) so I haven't been reading here for the past 2 days or so and BAM! there's all these results to trawl through. Well done Eva

Bloody nice effort on the Ballistix, nice to see them really stretch their legs.

If you had to give your overall opinion on the G0 stepping with your short time experience, what would you say about them?

From your experience so far, do the G0 overclock equally, worse, better compared to the B2 steppings ?

Similar question again but for the voltages. What're the necessary voltages like for G0 compared to B2, clock for clock?

I also got hit by a not so lovely NDA Soz guys. NDA lifts on 15/07/07 at 11am...
There's 2 types of dual core G0 out there one is high FSB, low vcore (better than gem batches of B2 retails) and one is low FSB, higher vcore (close to better than average batches of B2 retails). My E6750 G0 perform exactly like my X6800 L627A872 vcore to oc wise and max FSB wise as you can re-read in first post

Of course E6850 G0 is much cheaper than X6800 B2

It's a mixed bag as always... you see like Rodney's E6850 G0 low vcore high clocks i.e. 3600-3800Mhz at 1.3-1.4v stable but apparently they aren't as common. Folks I know have tested dozens of E6850 G0 ES samples of a same batch only to find variances ones similiar to my E6750 G0 ES with no existence of the low vcore E6850 G0 ES ones like Rodney's and other folks with E6850 G0 ES.
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