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Re: E6750 'G0' 8x333FSB + Asus P5K Deluxe

My dear god... I've been busy working (fkn deadlines) so I haven't been reading here for the past 2 days or so and BAM! there's all these results to trawl through. Well done Eva

Bloody nice effort on the Ballistix, nice to see them really stretch their legs.

If you had to give your overall opinion on the G0 stepping with your short time experience, what would you say about them?

From your experience so far, do the G0 overclock equally, worse, better compared to the B2 steppings ?

Similar question again but for the voltages. What're the necessary voltages like for G0 compared to B2, clock for clock?

By peteypete271 View Post
why?? (the Quad G0 revision benchies are what I wanna see!)
You can blame well placed and strongly enforced NDA's for this peteypete.

I've got some Intel loving at the moment (arrived 10-15 minutes ago - yum) but unfortunately I also got hit by a not so lovely NDA Soz guys. NDA lifts on 15/07/07 at 11am...
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