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Cool P5K Deluxe 0403 / 0404 bios released

I just flashed to 0403 bios via in bios Ez flash2 bios update. Now testing away..

new item in 0403 bios:
  1. Added i see is FSB strap to North Bridge which basically lets you set the Strap used between AUTO/200/266/333. Note, what dividers you have available depends on the strap you select if you choose a setting other than AUTO. Basically the same as older bioses just they did the divider choices for you behind the scenes depending on your FSB selected. i.e. set 266FSB with 266 strap and you won't get 1:1 divider which is same as before. I just leave it at AUTO for it to function like past bios for now.

Okay seems 0403 bios has been removed from their server leaving the 0404 bios there.

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