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Re: Asus Commando P965 Photo Preview

By eva2000 View Post
hehe starting off with my X6800 but will get to my Q6600 after i do all my memory testing.. need to have the good set of DDR2 memory for when i go phase change with this Asus Commando

Thanks moloko, great review there certainly will help me get up to speed quickly.

One question, do you know if you can use same OS install with Asus Commando that previously was with Asus P5B Deluxe ? Looked at the specs and both are fairly identical minus a few I/O connectors and additional of some external SATA stuff.

Going to just try it with my P5B Deluxe HDD OS, hoping to save a few hours settings up windows/apps hehe.

Just memtesting before i load windows, seems my Asus Commando came with 1001 bios dated 4/17.
All the testing I did was on BIOS 0702. This was also the BIOS that was shipped with the motherboard (though not the earliest, I believe that was possibly 0601) and at the time of testing 0803 became available early into the testing however after reports by others on XS that the BIOS didn't offer any more stability and possibly a little less memory clocking and as I'd already done a fair chunk of the testing I decided to stay with the 0702 BIOS. That said, 0702 was a very stable BIOS in my experience.

No idea re: P5B Deluxe install working on Commando as I went the other way around when I had the P5B Deluxe and Commando arrive together. Went the Commando first - how could I have resisted?

Thanks also for the kind words about the review, it's good to get feedback

By loc.o View Post
I used me P5B deluxe OS on Commando without a problem. Good to see youve got the board and looking forward to your phase results with it.
If that's so, I wonder whether it'll work in the reverse direction? I've got an 80GB Samsung SATA2 hooked up to my P5B Deluxe with the Commando formatted 74GB Raptor waiting for the new board from RMA. I wonder if the Raptor will work on the P5B Deluxe system. This will be something to try tomorrow evening I think
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