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Cool Asus Commando P965 Photo Preview

Yet more beautiful photos - this time Asus Commando P965P motherboard

Originally, I had planned to get Kayl or someone to volt mod my Asus P5B Deluxe for Kayl Black FrozenSS 1/4HP phase change action. But the Asus Commando motherboard was shouting out at me - "hey man... out of the box, I have more vdimm, vcore and better memory controller and NB chipset than your P5B Deluxe !" We'll that's the voice I heard

So courtesy of the fine folks at Asus, a Commando motherboard lands on my door step

The usual photos gallery below:

The box

What's in the box ? Same style packaging as Asus 680i Striker it seems.

Southbridge heatpipe heatsink and similar Power/reset/Clear CMOS buttons as Asus 680i Striker

Closer look at the heatpipe cooling on the Asus Commando

Inside box, accessories, Vista driver cd-rom and manual

Swiftech Apogee mounting bolts installed, ready for some water cooling action to test memory before Kayl Black FrozenSS 1/4HP action

For now, I have some reading/research to do on Commando

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