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Re: Dice's P5K-Deluxe

You aint seen nothing yet I got the magic number this morning
DDR2-1400 On my $190AUD inc delivery Crucial Ballistix PC2-5300 RAM

That's DDR2-1350 Dual channel booting to windows and DDR2-1400 single 1GB stick using setfsb after booting from DDR2-1367

I've been playing the super PI game a bit today, a bit limited with this CPU and RAM can't do 4-4-4 timings much higher than DDR2 1050 I think. So low clock 32M Super PI, I was aiming for sub 15min around 3.05GHz, didn't quite make it even with most subtimings relatively tight

Then here are my 24/7 settings that I orthos'd last night. 470FSB x 7 multi. RAM with 5:6 divider set to 5-5-5-8, rest set to auto but 35 TRFC.

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