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I got an email the other day announcing the forum update and asking for people to post suggestions. So here I am

First of all I must mention that I don't normally post suggestions for forums, most people running forums just run them/set them up with their own tastes and wants and don't pay much attention to the end user. Plus, many usability and basic good design principles just go right over their heads. So I kindof feel I'd be wasting my breath.

But I like i4memory, and I like George (who's helped me many times in the past!) and I like the members There is a great community feel here which reminds me of what I strive for myself in my own sites.


Consistancy. Be consistant in the forum descriptions/headings. You have some with descriptions, some without. Keep the descriptions short if you are going to use them, but be consistant - it will look a lot neater.

External Links. Why so prominent? I would move to a sticky, or if you must, use subforum links in a single column so they use less space. (It's naughty, but you can use a br as the seperator.)

Forums. Can be more targetted? Seperate AMD and Intel? Each with a forum for Motherboards, CPus, Memory, General etc It makes it a lot easier to navigate and use the forum - especially as those would be the main sections people would want to get to.

i4memory. At first glance, people will think the site is about memory, and memory alone - is that what you want? If not, how about a new name? The name can be descriptive, or totally non descriptive (but it shouldn't really be half way in between).

These are just my opinions. I do work in the web industry but don't let that fool you
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