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Re: Can't help myself - another Core 2 Duo thread

By sTARk
I can def run it 24/7 @ 3.6/3.7ghz but the question is do I want/need to? No I don't. 3ghz is enough for any game I need to play right now and another 600mhz will make no difference to daily use. I'd rather keep the vcore at or below stock (currently 1.24v) when I'm doing nothing with it.
I notice a difference in gameplay with S.T.A.L.K.E.R going from a trial run off 3.3Ghz to 3.62Ghz. At the higher clockspeed, definately a smoother experience, but I don't know if you go for this game? only one example. Makes a difference with video encoding too @ 3.6Ghz +
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