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Re: QX6700 on Stock Cooling

Yeah photos can be deceiving but the fact is the scythe infinity is a taller and bigger heatsink then tuniq tower!

before you get infinity read my mod i did for it on striker

heatpipes may get in the way on removal of heatsink

Scythe Infinity mounting mod pictures on Asus 680i Striker Extreme. With the Asus 680i Striker Extreme heatpipes around the area I suspect it will be hard to remove heatsinks which use intel's plastic white peg mechanisms, so I did the mod outlined at and plucked out the pegs and used bolts and nuts and plastic washers on back side etc

Here you see before and after plucking the pegs out and the short bolts I grabbed off 3x Swiftech MCP650/655 pump kits which were used to mount the pumps. I used the black rubber washers to secure the bolts top side too

Final mounting mechanism on Asus 680i Striker Extreme with tall white spacers + flat round spacer on top with the nut to secure it. Tightened a bit too tight first time as the motherboard didn't boot up, so loosened it a bit and booted fine

For folks asking, does the Scythe Infinity fit on Asus 680i Striker Extreme ? Answer is yes it clears the heatpiped heatsinks easily as the heatpiped heatsinks are ~4cm tall and Scythe Infinity has a clearance height of ~4.5cm

Final Asus 680i Striker Extreme setup pictures

And as you can see heatsink doesn't go anywhere near dimm slots so flexXLC heatsinks should be fine.

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