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Re: Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 B2 + P5B Deluxe

Yeah the higher multipliers help alot!

Decided to try new version of OCCT v1.1.0 which has added support for Everest Ultimate for monitoring. But I couldn't get OCCT to recognise Everest Ultimate says Shared memory disabled! ?

Anyway using Speedfan v4.31 did CPU test only for standard 30 minutes. 1.200v idle and 1.208v load which agrees with AI Suite. Seems OCCT doesn't stress cpu as much as Prime95 v25.1 small ffts. OCCT runs 4-5C cooler under load compared to Prime95 v25.1 small ffts.

1KW OCZ ProXStream psu being used although Speedfan itself doesn't report the +5v and +3.3v rails. +12v rail agrees with prior testing the rails even under X1900 Crossfire quad core load don't budge much at all.

Now OCCT v1.1.0 at 3600Mhz at 1.4v bios (1.384v)

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