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Re: Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 B2 + P5B Deluxe

Yeah who knows ->

Anyway, at higher vcore above 1.6125v the initial pencil modded of drooping resistor from 80ohm to 37ohm resistance wasn't enough to prevent further vdroop. So whipped out the 2B pencil and dropped resistance down to 14.5 ohm. And now it's all good at least from bios perspective

Final outcome

Improvements after vdroop pencil mod are amazing! Before the mod, 10x 400FSB = 4000Mhz would need 1.7v max vcore set in bios for 1.62v idle and 1.59v load. I could pass single Super Pi 32M but Systool dual 32M Pi would reboot at 50-80% mark - Systool dual 32M Pi is a good indicator of whether a setting is capable of dual Super Pi 32M.. Now with vdroop pencil mod, with vcore set to 1.65v in bios I get 1.616-1.624v idle and 1.624v load and now capable of Systool dual 32M Pi


Systool dual 32M Pi load

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