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Re: Asus 965P Commando motherboard - 3.375v vdimm!

I must admit that ideally I'd love to have a P5B Deluxe to compare this board with being as the P5B Del could be considered the closest relation , but all I have is this P5WDG2 WS Pro, so it will be a bit of an apples to oranges comparison I'm afraid and I suppose a lot of re-learning will be needed as it's a very different animal to the WS Pro.

As you said on the XS post dinos I'll also be checking to see what the deal is with the 4:5 divider being as that will be the most useful one for me. My curent 24/7 set up is 400 x 9 4:5 so it'll be interesting to see exactly what difference there is. I also read that the commando doesn't have the ability to manually force which strap it uses so I guess I'm going to be clockgening like a good'un.

I gotta say that having seen the BIOS shots I'm almost scared of this board already

great man
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