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Talking 600W OCZ EvoStream Modular power supply - Part 2

After doing the initial preview tests with 128MB Gainward FX5200 PCI video card here, it's time to swap out the 128GB Gainward FX5200 PCI video card for 2x 256MB BFG 7800GTX SLI video cards with modded bios at 473(525)/1350 clock speed and redo some tests

System Power Consumption

I measured the system total power consumption using a Power-Mate power meter Ran 3dmark06 and PCmark05 and recorded the peak power draw values listed below.

@2400Mhz at 1.275v bios (1.259v)
Windows Idle watts = 187.7W
Windows Orthos Load watts = 231.9W
Windows TAT Load watts = 240.8W

PCmark05 = 359.8W peak

3dmark06 = 344.1W peak
Return to Proxycon = 337.9W
Firefly Forest = 344.1W
CPU1 - Red Valley = 253.5W
CPU2 - Red Valley = 266.3W
1 - Canyon Flight (SM 3.0) = 334.1W
2 - Deep Freeze (SM 3.0) = 335.7W

@3600Mhz at 1.425v bios (1.394v)
Windows Idle watts = 218.9W
Windows Orthos Load watts = 303.7W
Windows TAT Load watts = 324.4W

PCmark05 = 401.3W peak

3dmark06 = 394.8W peak
Return to Proxycon = 386.5W
Firefly Forest = 394.8W
CPU1 - Red Valley = 290.6W
CPU2 - Red Valley = 289.6W
1 - Canyon Flight (SM 3.0) = 384.9W
2 - Deep Freeze (SM 3.0) = 384.9W

For the stressprime 'Orthos' and TAT load tests there wouldn't be as much a power draw difference between 7800GTX SLI vs FX5200 PCI since there isn't any video card load in those tests. You can see the difference in power draw when video card load comes into play with 7800GTX SLI configuration.

Now to compare all the data including FX5200 PCI test in a nice graph

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