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Re: Corsair PC8888 Dominator Series DDR2

By alpha0ne
Any of the OCZ PC6400~PC8000 or G.Skill PC6400HZ ~ 8000HZ will do the job nicely

Save some money and get the 2x1GB G.Skill PC6400HZ if you can find them, you wont be disappointed and they will play very well with your E6700
ok thanks i will just get the G.Skill PC6400HZ if that will do the job,could you recomend the best shop to buy the G.Skill from,because i was reading in one of eva2000 threads about make sure to get the version 101(you want the modules with newer rev101 Micron modules not Elipida modules)
and i don't want to buy the wrong version by mistake.

I looked here but they don't have the PC6400HZ.
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