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Re: Interesting 3DMark06 results...

By Jammer
PCMark05 results here:

DDR2 533 3-3-3-5 1:1
PCMark05 Score: 7191

DDR2 667 3-3-3-5 4:5
PCMark05 Score: 7328

DDR2 800 4-4-3-5 2:3
PCMark05 Score: 7306

As you can see, in PCMark05 the results are slightly different. Unfortunately I don't have the registered version of PCMark05 so I cannot pin point where the differences in performance are but it still tells us that:
Jammer, you don't need the registered version to see if there is any difference with ram timings and bandwidth. But it does help, however as you can see from your results 4:5 is the best. That does require more Vdimm though than 1:1 with tight timings regardless of DDR2 sticks on market at moment.

By Jammer
- For gaming 1:1 is fastest.
- For general PC use, 1:1 with a bit of an "overspill" (to quote the all wise and mighty RodneyJM) buffer seems to yield the best results.
There is no "overspill" with 1:1, 1mhz goes in to the MCH and another goes out...etc...synchronously. As little time lag as possible on Intel platform.

By Jammer
Now I know that this has probably been discussed many times before but after hearing soo many conflicting optinions, I had to test it for myself.

Comments welcome all...
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